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Teens now prefer YouTube over Netflix

U.S. investment banking company Piper Jaffray found that 37% of teens surveyed prefer watching videos on YouTube overall others. Second was Netflix, which came in at 35%.

The cord-cutting continues. Cable TV ranked third, down to 12% from 14% in the spring survey.

The survey also found that only 7% of teens preferred Hulu and only 3% Amazon’s Prime Video.

Annie Palmer, writing for CNBC »

Netflix has had a rough couple of months, with shares falling more than 27% in the last three months. The company reported a rare subscriber miss in its earnings report for the second quarter and faces growing concerns from investors who fear it may face steep competition from the bevy of streaming services being launched from Disney, Apple, AT&T and more.

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Google allows users to set search and location data to automatically disappear after a certain time (Updated)

Brian X. Chen, writing for the NY Times »

For years, Google has kept a record of our internet searches by default. The company hoards that data so it can build detailed profiles on us, which helps it make personalized recommendations for content but also lets marketers better target us with ads. While there have been tools we can use to manually purge our Google search histories, few of us remember to do so.

So I’m recommending that we all try Google’s new privacy tools. In May, the company introduced an option that lets us automatically delete data related to our Google searches, requests made with its virtual assistant and our location history.

On Wednesday, Google followed up by expanding the auto-delete ability to YouTube. In the coming weeks, it will begin rolling out a new private mode for when you’re navigating to a destination with its Google Maps app, which could come in handy if you’re going somewhere you want to keep secret, like a therapist’s office.

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Updated Oct 4th

» Google will now allow you to set your data history to self-destruct » Cory Doctorow,  Boing Boing

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