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Visitors to the U.S.A. face social media screening

Sewell Chan, The New York Times:

Nearly all applicants for a visa to enter the United States — an estimated 14.7 million people a year — will be asked to submit their social media user names for the past five years, under proposed rules that the State Department issued on Friday.

Last September, the Trump administration announced that applicants for immigrant visas would be asked for social media data, a plan that would affect 710,000 people or so a year. The new proposal would vastly expand that order to cover some 14 million people each year who apply for nonimmigrant visas.

The proposal covers 20 social media platforms. Most of them are based in the United States: Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. But several are based overseas: the Chinese sites Douban, QQ, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Youku; the Russian social network VK; Twoo, which was created in Belgium; and, a question-and-answer platform based in Latvia.


Social media account to get a US visa? No thank you – Arwa Mahdawi, Gulf News

Facebook Reveals Its Privacy Principles

For the first time, Facebook is revealing it’s privacy principals. It’s being forced to open up as European General Data Protection Regulation is set to come into force this May. The company says it will soon launch a Privacy Center that is said to allow users to manage all their privacy controls.

I’m skeptical due to how Facebook continues to handle users’ information and lack of protection for their privacy. Also adding to my skepticism, Facebook presented this as if it was their own initiative. They were, however, forced to do this with the coming regulations.

As per Daniel Terdiman, Fast Company:

Here are the principles:

  • We give you control of your privacy.
    Facebook says it wants to enable users to choose privacy settings that are right for them, and know how to find and adjust those controls.
  • We help people understand how their data is used.
    The company describes its practices in detail in its Data Policy, but it is also sharing educational tools in users’ News Feed and has things like ad controls on every ad.
  • We design privacy into our products from the outset.
    Facebook says it incorporates into its product development feedback on privacy design from experts in privacy law, security, engineering, data protection, public policy, product management, and interface design.
  • We work hard to keep your information secure.
    Facebook designed its security systems to run millions of times a second try to automatically catch and remove threats.
  • You own and can delete your information.
    Users can decide what they share and with whom, and can delete anything they’ve posted, which is then removed from the company’s servers.
  • Improvement is constant.
  • We are accountable.
    The company says it conducts comprehensive privacy reviews and puts its products through “rigorous data security testing.” It also says it seeks input on its data practices and policies from legislators, regulators, and privacy experts.

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Social media bosses don’t use social media

Social media and tech industry bosses don’t use social media very much, and they don’t want younger family members online either.

Alex Hern for the Guardian:

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t use Facebook like you or me. The 33-year-old chief executive has a team of 12 moderators dedicated to deleting comments and spam from his page, according to Bloomberg. He has a “handful” of employees who help him write his posts and speeches and a number of professional photographers who take perfectly stage-managed pictures of him.

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