The fitness app Strava published a heat map showing outlines of popular running routes around the world. Since US soldiers often wear these when they go for a run, the map shows the outlines of a bunch of US military bases, including ones that aren’t necessarily public.

Advice: Ban the use of all tracking apps and devices, including smartphones, on sensitive installations. Frankly, I’m surprised this is not already policy.

Fitness app Strava exposes the location of military bases – Jon Russell, TechCrunch

The service does offer a private mode which doesn’t share information outside of the app. The company said its heatmap is based on public data only. It would appear, then, that military personnel are sharing their information publicly, perhaps without knowing it or realizing the implication.

The heatmap doesn’t include user information, but, as others on Twitter demonstrated, it is possible to visit the service and look up users based on the routes they have run publicly. That could potentially expose the identification of servicemen and women.