This is nerdy, but also possibly the start of an important trend. RISC-V is getting more and more popular.

The non-profit RISC-V Foundation sets standards for the promising semiconductor architecture. Over 325 companies and entities use the RISC-V standards, including U.S. and European chip suppliers such as Qualcomm Inc and NXP Semiconductors.

Stephen Nellis and Alexandra Alper, writing for Reuters »

The nonprofit RISC-V Foundation (pronounced risk-five) wants to ensure that universities, governments and companies outside the United States can help develop its open-source technology, its Chief Executive Calista Redmond said in an interview with Reuters.

She said the foundation’s global collaboration has faced no restrictions to date but members are “concerned about possible geopolitical disruption.”

From around the world, we’ve heard that ‘If the incorporation was not in the U.S., we would be a lot more comfortable’,” she said. Redmond said the foundation’s board of directors approved the move unanimously but declined to disclose which members prompted it.

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