Amber Neely at Apple Insider writes (emphasis added) »

Apple has released a support document explaining the importance of using genuine displays during repairs on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max —and has noted that iOS 13.1 will pop up a warning if a non-Apple one is detected.

The new support document discusses how iPhone displays are designed, tested, and manufactured by Apple to meet their quality and performance standards. They go on to state that genuine devices are critical for the best performance when it comes to Multi-Touch, color accuracy, and features like True Tone, Night Shift, and Haptic Touch.

The warning extends to who is repairing your phone as well, not just the screen itself.

“Only technicians who have completed Apple service training and who use Apple genuine parts and tools should replace iPhone displays,” reads the document.

Once again Apple is restricting who can repair their devices and with which parts. This way, they can continue to charge huge markups for replacement screens and other components.

Amber notes she does not yet know to what other Apple devices this warning might extend.

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