Apple, a company that prides itself on customer privacy, seems to have been caught with it’s privacy pants down around it’s ankles. It’s collecting user location data when it’s preaching to it’s customers that it’s better than everyone else.

Security researcher Brian Krebs has discovered Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 11 Pro, continues to share a location data even after the functionality was turned off in iOS 13.

Kerbs on Security »

One of the more curious behaviors of Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro is that it intermittently seeks the user’s location information even when all applications and system services on the phone are individually set to never request this data. Apple says this is by design, but that response seems at odds with the company’s own privacy policy.

Apple’s response to Kerbs »

“We do not see any actual security implications,” an Apple engineer wrote in a response to KrebsOnSecurity. “It is expected behavior that the Location Services icon appears in the status bar when Location Services is enabled. The icon appears for system services that do not have a switch in Settings” [emphasis added].

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