In this article, Mary Meehan is taking the pro business side of the consumer’s data usage and the anticipated legislative framework.

I argue that once we give up and lose control of our personal data and are profiled by these companies, it will be increasingly difficult to regain privacy in the future.

Mary Meehan, CEO of Panoramix Global, writing for Forbes »

Information, data privacy and security concerns are a persistent trend that we’ve been reporting on nearly every year since computers started booting up. And now, the economic stakes, social consequences and technology get more and more serious and complex. Privacy issues used to be centered around evading online activity trackers as they follow you around with ads for things you don’t want (or do you?). Now exposed as central to all too many political and ethical scandals, data privacy has become one of the defining social and cultural issues of our era.


Until now, consumers have been willing to lend their data (or have unknowingly given it away) to get convenience or information in return. Once they fully realize the consequences of this bargain they will be looking to government and business to safeguard data and hand control back to them, the customer.

Business needs to start thinking now about how to counteract the fear and distrust flooding the marketplace. Can you provide verifiable solutions, traceability and transparency? How will businesses balance upholding privacy concerns without annoying users with privacy notifications and too many restrictions?