Statistics Canada states British Columbia had a population of 5.071 million last year.

This is what happens when companies prioritize profit over their duty to look after customer’s personal information.

Kendra Mangione, CTV News »

The massive cyberattack targeted a laboratory testing company with locations across Canada – primarily in B.C. and Ontario.

The company’s website claims more than a million Canadians use its services, and more than 112 million tests are performed by its labs each year.

Earlier Friday, Alberta’s privacy commissioner said nearly 22,000 Albertans may have been part of the estimated 15 million Canadians that could have had their data compromised.


LifeLabs president and CEO Charles Brown called the hack a “wake-up call,” and said “We all need to up our game to protect our customer data.”

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Companies and their officers have a duty of care they are not meeting. This will happen again and again until businesses do much more than just speak about security. The number of breaches shows that self-regulation and self-policing often does not work. Stronger legislation, that include public accountability, hefty fines, and perhaps even criminal penalties need to be legislated to prevent this from happening.